Carbon Battery

Carbon nanotube battery technology future

As several graphene and carbon nanotube research described that graphene and carbon nanotube will create the new generation of battery due to its supercapacitor effect.

The Rice University research stated that graphene coating with carbon nanotube anode can have 10 times that of lithium-ion batteries. the anode material is capable of a lithium storage capacity of 3,351 milliamp hours per gram, which is close to pure lithium’s theoretical maximum of 3,860 milliamp hours per gram, and 10 times that of lithium-ion batteries. And since the nanotube carpet has a low density, this means it’s able to coat all the way down to substrate and maximize use of the available volume.

We manufactured currently on carbon nanotube battery, its capacity and life cycles for high current discharging and charging can reach more performance than that of lithium-ion batteries. The graphene based carbon nanotube will be our next step to tune to next stage of high end battery.

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