About Us


Magi SciTech was founded in 2002 to consult with mobile phone companies in China on designing their own phones. In 2007, we started manufacturing communication modules and antennas for mobile devices, as well as security communications hardware and software for fleet cars, buses, and trucks.

Over time we developed a large customer base of companies and government agencies in Central and South America. In 2013 Magi SciTech built the security and taxi fleet hardware and software for Mexico City Airport. When our current CTO joined us in 2014, he brought with him a new Nanotechnology. We used this revolutionary new technology to design a new kind of battery – one capable of charging and discharging much faster, lasting much longer, and operating at much greater temperature variations (all while being much safer) than conventional Lithium Ion batteries – and we partnered with two battery manufacturing companies in Taiwan to make our new Carbon Nanotube (CNT+) Batteries for electric vehicles, solar storage applications, and drones. We received a tremendous positive response to our new CNT+ batteries and have since garnered many major customers.

Our graphene and nano tech start to create new planar heat sink for thermal management, the new planar thermal management technology will make customer product more fashion and less thickness with good thermal management.