Customised Advanced Battery

Carbon Battery Technology Future

  • Our technology of carbon battery can reach 2C fast charging and 10C ~ 25C discharging capability in 235 Wh/kg ~ 290Wh/kg energy density and operating on -30°C ~ 70°C or -40°C ~ 60°C by another anode, cathode material.
  • It is double energy capacity than LiFePo4, its life cycles are also can be 1000 life cycles in fast speed charging in 100% discharging depth, if we operate in discharging depth of 90%, its life cycles can extend to 1300.
  • the battery performance still can improve to relative to Wh/L, Wh/kg by graphene-Si enhancement anode and cathode material.
  • several patent relative to this battery technology
  • It is a top performance comparison with Panasonic, Samsung, LG LiFePo battery, very special for this kind of technology
  • Its anode, cathode still combine with new technology like Graphite and other advanced new material