Graphene Heat Sink

Graphene is one of material with 10 times better conductivity than copper, 10 times thermal conductivity than copper, photo transparent, increase energy density on battery and so on.

Magi Scitech dedicated our force on graphene, graphite, nano carbon tube application, we especially involved and developed the graphene planar thermal management solution and its service for the customer.

  • The composite graphene combines several technologies to provide good diffusivity, thermal conductivity, and thermal radiation. Pure single-layer graphene has a thermal conductivity of 5300 w/km. Single layer graphene film heat sink maximum thermal radiation emissivity-coefficients is 0.93, the composite structure can enhance the emissivity-coefficients to 0.97.
  • This structure thanks to graphene coating technology can make the thermal diffusivity can be 2.2 ~ 3 times of copper, also provide a very higher thermal radiation than single layer graphene coating.
  • There are several layers is optional such as graphene EMI layer, graphite layer and metal layer depending on customer needed structure, the metal layer can create a structure such as shielding case with thermal management and heat sink function or chip package case.