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Our Nano Technology

Our battery has unique composite carbon nanotube microstructure that makes it better for energy storage. It is  particularly good for higher electrical current charging and discharging application. It also has relatively lower working temprature during speedy discharging or charging action. The working temprature is in 100 degree C range. Yet, it is still having very good life cycles. So it is suitable for both industrial and military applications.This battery technology has been tested on the field and it is ready for production. We would like to give our customer a good alternative choice among battery selections.


Our Graphene film heat sink is one of its kind of product available now in the market. Its unique structure of combination of three materials of Nano Carbon, Diamond and Graphene, makes it a very good candidate for fanless thermal management applications like Notebook, Tablet, wearlable devices and mobile phones. It is easy to use and inexpensive for engineering re-work.

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