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Green Energy & Battery Applications

Explore our best battery offers to your needs

Vehicle Application

For small passenger cars, buses, and trucks

Our batteries have been tested on commercial cars, commuting buses and special purpose truckes. The very fast charging and discharging capabilities of the battery helps it useful on time saving. Typical charging/discharging rate is at 6C/12C or more.

CNT Plus is our trademark.

Solar Storage Application

For home, commercial bulding and many more

Besides above advantages of this battery, its higher cycle life makes it a very good choice for solar grid energy storage application.

Light Aircraft Application

For Drones and small airplanes

The battery has been proved to be much longer time of usage on Drones than other type of battery.

Electronic Devices

Heat Sink Made of Graphene

Our Graphene film heat sink is made of three parts of components, the Nano carbon, the diamond and the Graphene. It has very high thermal conductivity and suitable for fanless thermal management applications.

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